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Flipping the Switch!

The Advantage Principles-five essential practices that will lead to a richer experience in every aspect of life: – LEARNING: live an engaged and energized life through positive personal growth and change – OWNERSHIP: attain goals by becoming a solution-oriented person … Continue reading

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The Last Lecture – 你開始準備你的最後演講稿了嗎?

By Randy Pausch (October 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008) and Jeffrey Zaslow, 2008. 如果你還沒有開始準備你一生中最後的演講稿,或是你還不清楚要講什麼,還是你自認為演講的內容一定會很無趣? 那你現在就該開始準備了,不管你何時才會用的上。 「夢想不應該是小時候才有,但實現夢想卻是永遠該從先在開始。」 Randy Pausch wiki: Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams: Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address: 「你如果對別人提出自己的智慧間箴言,別人通常不屑一顧;可是你如果轉述第三者的智慧語言,感覺上就不會那麼自大,別人也比較聽的進去。」 「如果你做的不好,可是都沒有人糾正你,那就表示他們已經放棄你了。」 「假動作會讓人在不知不覺間學到東西,直到事後才發現自己受益良多。」 「不屈不饒是一種美德,可是你不必一定要讓別人看到你花了多少心力。」 … Continue reading

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The 4 Conversations: Daily Communication That Gets Results – 溝通是解決問題的最佳方法

by Jeffrey Ford and Laurie Ford, 2009. 1. Initiative conversations – How to create a future with positive focus on a worthwhile goal 2. Understanding conversations – How to include and engage the people who will make the future real … Continue reading

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QBQ! The Question Behind the Question – 問題還是在於個人自己

by John Miller, 2004. Personal accountability is the core of QBQ.   When people ask questions like, “Why do we have to go through all this change?” and “Why can’t we find good people?” it’s nothing more than victim-thinking. “When will we … Continue reading

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